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Press release

The Hague, 11 October 2017

connecteddatagroup provides practical, sustainable and scalable Data & Analytics solutions.

Antoine Stelma en Erik Fransen, who are no strangers to BI, datawarehousing, big data en data virtualisation, started their new venture connecteddatagroup on 1 October 2017.

connecteddataGroup focuses on solving Data & Analytics related issues in a practical, durable and scalable way. To achieve this, they work together with proven technology and implementation partners to make data accessible, link data, process data and analyse data: we add value in each step to achieve the goal: having data available in a simple, quick, predictable and integral way for effective analytical application in the organisation.

connecteddatagroup connects technology with business, or rather, we connect data with people and people with data.  This way we make data work for the organization. Whether we talk about corporate businesses, the health care industry, the educational system or the government, by working in a practical way we can accomplish the desired results in a short period of time. Pragmatic, inspiring, driven, and enthusiastic. That is what connecteddatagroup stands for. Contemporary and keeping abreast with the times.

Antoine Stelma, founder and co-owner of connecteddatagroup: “it’s a logical thing, with this new business venture, for us to fully focus on providing leading Data & Analytics Services, from advice to implementation. The client portfolio grows rapidly and our Data & Analytics services have to grow with it, hence the choice for a new company and brand.  With even more features and added value for our customers. Our partners are also thrilled and grow with us. A great development that gives me a lot of energy.”
Erik Fransen, founder and co-owner of connecteddatagroup: “After we stepped into owning a business, early 2016, we are now ready for the next chapter. With connecteddatagroup we are even better able to meet the growing need for Data & Analytics Services, in close cooperation with our customers and partners. connecteddatagroup allows me even more to work in this exciting market with passion and enthusiasm towards solutions for our customers. ”

connecteddatagroup has its seat in The Hague with offices in Eindhoven, Arnhem and Maastricht and works closely with implementation partners KVL, Nippur, Centennium and technology partners Open Line, MapR and Cisco for the delivery of Data & Analytics services. connecteddatagroup presents a large variety of industry related courses and accreditations through Centennium Opleidingen. The new label ‘Powered by connecteddatagroup’ offers our implementation partners the knowledge and resources for providing Data & Analytics services to their own clients.

Are you looking for assistance with your Data & Analytics challenge?

connecteddatagroup advises, guides, trains, carries out.