Convincing inspiration session Data Virtualization

The technological developments in the business intelligence market are going very fast. The traditional way of collecting, transforming data and ultimately providing information to the end user (usually via data warehouse(s)) is in many cases no longer sufficient. The type of (big) data often does not fit in structure and desired delivery speed.


In the meantime, the need for integrating and analyzing information is increasing and ‘something’ is needed differently. ‘Something’ with which this integration is made possible, without having to fully redo the entire BI-architecture. That ‘something’ is called Data Virtualization.


The application possibilities of Data Virtualization are enormous and the possibilities seem endless. Sufficient reason for KVL to organize a hands-on inspiration session Data Virtualization at the Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam on 23 November 2017, ‘powered by’ connecteddatagroup.


In order to really get to know the concept of Data Virtualization and at the same time to experience the power of current techniques, proven technologies and tools such as Tibco’s data virtualisation software, a cloud solution was made available especially for this afternoon for a simple Case and a customer case to be able to work.


Convincingly, the participants have determined why the new concept of Data Virtualization, with smart and scalable cloud platforms, is on the rise. Direct insight into different types of data, without having to worry about the complexity of the systems, without moving data (ETL) and real-time reports. It is really possible.


Are you interested in the possibilities of Data Virtualization and do you want to know more about a company-wide Data Delivery Platform for your organization? Please feel free to contact us.