Expert session Data Virtualization – March 29, 2018

The (delivery) speed, flexibility and simplicity with which Data Virtualization gives secure and integral access to all kinds of data sources has the growing attention of more and more organizations.

The application possibilities are enormous, and the possibilities seem endless. And with it the need to share practical knowledge and current insights about the technology and its application. That is why, together with our technology partner TIBCO, we organized an Expert session Data Virtualization on 29 March 2018 in Utrecht.

Sukki Sandhar, Senior Director of PreSales EMEA North at TIBCO, opened the afternoon with a clear vision of changes in Data & BI / Analytics applications. Innovative organizations understand the importance of fast and cost-efficient processes and have already fundamentally changed their data management. To make data more up-to-date and more varied, the physical movement of data is no longer desirable. TIBCO Data Virtualization is a leader in the market and offers powerful solutions to make data virtually and integrally accessible for analytical processing.

The familiar data repertoire falls short for the professional who is concerned with improving and renewing the business. By illustrating the most important changes for systems and processes in a matrix, Erik Fransen explained the critical issues of modern data execution and explained the concept of Data Virtualization, including the use of smart and scalable cloud and big data platforms.

Data Virtualization enriches the classic data warehouse architecture. Without having to deal with the complexity of systems, without moving data (ETL) and with real-time reports, you get a grip on the requested, often complex, analyzes and data architectures. Through an interactive live demonstration of TIBCO Data Virtualization, Antoine Stelma showed the public how different data sources with data virtualisation are made available to the end users from a logical and functional perspective.

By combining data from different types of sources, regardless of structure, technology or locations, and having real-time availability, you immediately gain insight into data in different layers. This includes possibilities for out of the box integrations, unique features and innovative organizations such as UMC Utrecht, which wants to personalize healthcare through Big Data & Anaytics.

Within the Applied Data Analytics in Medicine (ADAM) project, Dr. Teus Kappen, anesthetist at University Medical Center Utrecht, responsible for the Analytics use case Clinical Decision Support. In his inimitable and humorous manner, Teus has provided insight into the various applications of data virtualization and the value that patient, (care) professional and organization can derive from data with analytics. With the aim of delivering better and personalized care to measure.

In the interactive workshop the participants then experienced how you can combine (Big) Data that is distributed within and outside the organization and use it in real time. This gave a good picture of both the position of data virtualization and the logical data warehouse and the possibilities that arise when changes in an architecture can be easily implemented and data need not necessarily be duplicated and stored from layer to layer. Already during the workshop, the knowledge gained was translated into applications in daily practice!

With a drink and a snack we concluded the afternoon with a shared conclusion: Data Virtualization provides flexible and productive BI environments and brings new possibilities within reach.

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